Marvelous Machines

Marvelous Machines is not currently available. Please inquire for information about future availability.



Marvelous Machines contains 30 fun and crazy pages, where every page is an adventure of its own in the app.


Interact with the various machines and watch them work, smoke, and malfunction in hilarious and unique ways.


Each page has a variety of nifty secrets to find. Just find the right sequence of actions to unlock the fun.

Hands On

Marvelous Machines is a hands on experience, some bots even reward you for things like tilting the book.


The technology behind Marvelous Machines is super robust, allowing you to dig in without worry.

Coming Soon

In our next release we're planning to have customizable costumes and narrations. So be on the lookout for it.

Try it yourself

Download the app and print off the following six pages from the book. Try it out before you buy, we guarantee you will love it.

Goodnight Lad

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Fun Coloring Book

And don't forget the fun little coloring book that comes with it. This gives your little ones a chance to make the machines their own.